Dale Watson Announces Live Album

Dale Watson has announced a new album that will feature him performing live. The album will feature 35 songs. The performance featured on the album took place at Watson’s bar in St. Hedwig, Texas.

Track list:

1. Intro
2. Big T’s
3. The Best Dog in the Land
4. Sit and Drink and Cry
5. The Best Beer in the World
6. Where Do You Want It
7. 4 Times
8. Everybody’s Somebody In St. Hedwig, Texas
9. Back Yonder
10. The Fugitive
11. Winner #1
12. I Gotta Drive
13. Best Dog/ Best Beer
14. Honky Tonkers Don’t Cry
15. Lubbock Boy
16. Your Chance To Win
17. The Bottle Let Me Down
18. Looks Great, Taste Great…Sounds Great
19. Inside View
20. Winner #2
21. I Don’t Rock No Cradle
22. Smile
23. Get To Know Don Don
24. Don Don Boogie
25. Oh No, Saddest Day In My Life
26. Tienes Cabeza De Palo
27. Right Now
28. Amos Moses
29. Deep In The Heart Of Texas
30. Never Ever
31. Last Chance
32. I Lie When I Drink
33. Winner #3
34. Birmingham Break Down
35. Winner #4-Goodnight!

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