“Just Like Them Horses” by Reba McEntire…Story Behind Video

The making of her video, “Just Like Them Horses”, Reba McEntire explains the close and personal meaning behind it’s production.  She explained, “This video probably means more to me than any video I’ve ever gotten to shoot, because this song was really a family song,”  She played the song at her father’s funeral because “her daddy was a cowboy and it’s a cowboy song”.

She produced the video in Chockie Mountain, Oklahoma, her professed home….with beautiful, breathtaking landscapes and running horses…it brings all the sentiment of memories she has from this place and her father.  As you watch and listen to the video…you are taken in by all the emotion and by the end, her words will surely bring you a few tears…it’s really a video that touches your heart.

Listen and watch below to the behind the scenes story to the third single off of Reba’s 27th studio album Love Somebody

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