Kip Moore…Tackled by Fan!

Kip Moore has always been a favorite on stage…exciting his fans with high energy and singing talent.  So much so that he had one adoring female fan run up and tackle him on stage to get a closer look!  On an appearance on CBS’s “The Talk” on Feb. 22 he performed an acoustic version of one of his latest songs, “Running for You,” and told the story of what happened on stage … During being tackled, his microphone hit him in the mouth and chipped one of his bottom teeth.

But Kip was so gracious…“I gave her a hug” and told the bouncers who rushed up to tackle her….‘No, no no. She’s cool.’

She said, ‘I love you,’ and I said, ‘You could ‘ve thought of a better way to show it!’”

Kip wanted his audience to know, however, that he was not at all mad about the over zealous fan and explained, “It adds character. Now, I got a story.”

Kip loves his fans and appreciates there loyalty to his music and shows!  Check out his “Running For You” below!

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