Loretta Lynn Releases New Duet with Elvis Costello

Country great Loretta Lynn (who was inducted into the Music City Walk Of Fame last year) will release her first album containing new material in over a decade this coming March. Full Circle will see her revisiting some of her biggest hits and feature a few new compositions, one of which is “Everything It Takes,” a duet with Elvis Costello.

“I wrote ‘Everything It Takes’ real fast,” Lynn told Rolling Stone. “I probably wrote it in 30 minutes. Sometimes I can write a song real fast, and sometimes it’ll take me two, three days. And I get so aggravated that I’ll probably lay it down and go back to it later. But that song came easy. I’ll come up with the title first and, when I come up with the title, I always know I got a good title.”

Of her collaboration with Costello (who had no hand in writing the track, only singing), she had this to say:

We sat down in the studio to write a song. I had a piece of paper and a pencil, and he had a computer. So we looked at one another like, ‘What’s going to come out of this?’ He was laughing about it, but I didn’t think it was funny because that’s the way I write all my songs. When I write a song, I don’t want to be on a computer. […] The first time I heard Elvis sing since that day was on the record. I couldn’t believe it. I wasn’t even there when we did it but we did a good job.

Check the song out below:


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