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Willie Nelson Announces New Album, ‘God’s Problem Child’

Willie Nelson is releasing a new album titled, God’s Problem Child. The album will debut on April 28. God’s Problem Child will be available digitally and on CD and vinyl. The album will feature 13 new tracks. A track list for the album can be found below.

Willie Nelson, God’s Problem Child Track Listing:
1. “Little House on the Hill”
2. “Old Timer”
3. “True Love”
4. “Delete and Fast Forward”
5. “A Woman’s Love”
6. “Your Memory Has a Mind of Its Own”
7. “Butterfly”
8. “Still Not Dead”
9. “God’s Problem Child”
10. “It Gets Easier”
11. “Lady Luck”
12. “I Made a Mistake”
13. “He Won’t Ever Be Gone”


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