Amazing Week for Joey+Rory

A few months ago Joey Feek set a goal to see the release of their Gospel album, watch her daughter turn 2 years of age, spend Valentines day together and to watch the Grammy’s to see if their song won for Duet of the Year. While the couple did not win the Grammy, they have more than accomplished each of the other goals.

After the viewing of the Grammy awards, it was time for Valentines day, and from the looks of things it was a total success:



As an added surprise for the two of them,  Rory was able to slip into the small bed to share some sleeping time with his wife.  According to Rory’s blog, this has not happened in several months, so the moment was very special.



After Valentine’s day cam little Indy’s birthday, and from the pics below it looked like they had lots of fun.

indy-birthday Indys-2nd-birthday-5-4Indys-2nd-birthday-2Indys-2nd-birthday-6-6 Indys-2nd-birthday-4-5 Indys-2nd-birthday-4-6 Indys-2nd-birthday-4-7-1 Indys-2nd-birthday-5-2   Indys-2nd-birthday-6-8 Indys-2nd-birthday-7-5


Finally, on February 19, their album of their favorite Hymns was released, and landed at number 1 for gospel, and number four for the entire billboard music.  To say they are ecstatic is an understatement.  Yet Joey put it into perspective when she said this is really an album for God.  And while the couple could definitely use the monetary support the album with bring , she immediately planned on donating some of the proceeds to other’s who could use the help.   Yes, this has been a week to remember.


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