Rayna and Deacon Married on “Nashville” TV Show Wednesday!

If you missed it, then you will have to go online to see the episode aired on the TV show “Nashville” Wednesday…the moment that we all have hoped and waited for…and not really sure it would ever come to pass.  Yelp….Rayna and Deacon were finally married.  As ABC put it…” the star-crossed couple finally tied their drawn-out, complicated, cancer-and-car-accident-filled knot. Obviously the pair have gone through the ringer over the past four seasons, but among all of the angst, hookups, and breakups, there’s been a whole lot of love.”  It was beautiful and filled with all the hope and happiness you hope rings true for the finally complete love-filled ‘family’.  Well, enjoy the moment in pictures….as a moment it may only be!

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